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Customer Relationship Management – Concepts and Application

CRM in its holistic treatment is not the same as CRM the software. The software is not a tactical plan to a larger strategic blue print that is needed in organisation and service delivery firms. To drive this point borne, Customer Relationship Management Concepts and Application was born.

Here is how this book helps:

  • Bridging the chasm between theory and practice, this unique book puts the evolving discipline of CRM / Relationship Marketing in a holistic perspective.
  • The book lucidly covers in details topics like the concepts and context of CRM, types of customers. Customer value, technology of CRM, managing customer relationships consumer research, CRM strategy, CRM measurement and HR in CRM.
  • The text is interspersed with a fusion of cases and examples from various businesses. Service verticals covered include banking, retail, telecom, airlines and electronic media.

The book helps students and practitioner and general management to gain insights into valuable customer relationships.

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