Training Methodology & Effectiveness

We  honor  the  value  of “Intrinsic Motivation and Reflective learning” in self development. Therefore we give high emphasis on Pull towards learning.

We use scientific methodology to ensure permanent behavioral change among learners. The team learning games motivate  learners for continuous learning and thereby participation is maintained at a very high level. Role plays give them lots of  opportunity to practice which support them to create a permanent change in their personality.

NLP is used to program the learners mind in the desired way and create instant behavioral change.

We extensively use Video and audio “recording and replay” for capturing the as is state and giving the feedback to learners.

Training Methodology

  • Interactive sessions
  • Training games
  • Role Plays
  • Group presentations
  • Team working
  • Video Clips
  • Video recording and replay
  • Experiential learning
  • Training Instruments
  • Trainers discourse
  • Self learning
  • Motivational games
  • Team activities

Training Effectiveness

 Reaction level

  •  Participants’ feedback

Knowledge level

  • Pre and post training tests

Behavior level

  • Supervisors feedback
  • Critical event analysis
  • Team feedback

Result level

  • Productivity improvement
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sales results
  • Production output
  • ROI calculation
  • Waste reduction

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