Academia Support

Campus to Corporate

Think of situation where your students have successfully obtained their MBA or BTech degree but still waiting to succeed in job interview. If your objective is that majority of your students should get through any job interview just in first attempt, then we are there to support you.

We have expertise in supporting the Academic world for Student’s Personality development for getting them ready for facing any job interview situation. Our Campus to Corporate program supports the students a great deal by making them ready to face the corporate world. We cover the following areas in our Campus to Corporate program;

  1. Getting ready for job interview
  2. Tailoring your CV
  3. Getting through Group Discussion
  4. Business etiquette
  5. Communicate to win
  6. Spoken English
  7. Business Presentation skills
  8. Leadership Skills
  9. Decision Making and Problem Solving
  10. Working in Team
  11. Being organized – Putting first thing first
  12. Dress code and self grooming
  13. Self Esteem and complexes


Benefits to Participants

By attending this program the participants shall be able to realize the following benefits.

  • Develop full confidence to get through any job interview
  • Develop a winning personality and get ready to face the corporate world
  • Learn power presentation skills
  • Improve language skills specially spoken English



Faculty Development Program

Our Faculty Development Program aims at imparting the contemporary techniques for teaching.

The program helps a great deal in motivating the faculty members and encourage them to use latest instruction methodology. The Program covers the following topics:

  1. Changing role of teacher
  2. Science and Art of Teaching
  3. Psychology of learning
  4. Teaching and learning process
  5. Reflective Teaching
  6. Communication in Teaching
  7. Effective questioning for teaching
  8. Class room Control
  9. Dynamics of Student behavior
  10. Teacher’s personality and Values
  11. Strategies for retention and retrieval of learning


Benefits to Participants

By attending this program the faculty members shall be able to realize the following benefits.

  • Learn how to control class effectively
  • How to manage challenging student behavior
  • Learn latest techniques of imparting instructions



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