Personal Effectiveness

Personal Counseling

Our consultants are equipped with adequate experience and expertise to support executives at all levels through personal coaching and counseling. The following areas are addressed through personal coaching and counseling;

Life Goal Achievement

Do you sometimes wonder whether you will achieve your life goals or not? We provide personal coaching for life goal achievement. Areas like financial, social, family physical and spiritual are handled very effectively. Our coaches help the executives to develop their skills of defining the goals and developing effective action plan. Hand holding is done through out the action planning and execution stage and coachee are continually motivated to progress towards their goals.

NLP / modeling techniques are used effectively for developing coachee’s confidence to achieve the defined goals. Mind power is used very effectively for the same.

Grooming and self image branding

Self grooming and self image branding is the key contributor for social success. The clients are coached on effective grooming techniques and they are helped for branding their image at work and in society. Very effective techniques are provided to each client suiting to his personality and temperament.

Career Counseling

Do you feel stuck in your career? Are you looking for good advice for getting your next promotion? Do you often contemplate for changing your current job? We support the professionals in their career development. Individual personality profiling is done to provide them realistic career development advice. Our trainees are counseled to take right decision as per their current skills and future potential.

Parental effectiveness

Are you worried about academic success of your child? Does your child throw tantrums in public due to which you have to face embarrassment frequently? Parenting is a very sensitive and important area for every one. Parenting is also an area where knowledge base is generally very low and children tend to suffer due to lack of good parenting skills.  The parenting education is not very common in the our society and parents don’t know the missing links of their parenting style. Our personal counseling in the area of parenting helps in developing skills to bring up children effectively. Solutions for various problems of children are suggested after analyzing child’s behavior and parenting style.

Successful marriage

Are you concerned about your relationship with your spouse? Do you sometimes worry about the future of you married life? Our marriage counseling sessions provide you support in building enriching relationship between you and your spouse. We provide couple and individual counseling. Our relationship experts suggest customized solution to our clients after thoroughly analyzing their issues.

Benefits to Clients

  • Personalized and customized solutions
  • Information is kept confidential
  • Continuous hand holding and support in implementation of solutions
  • Scheduled as per clients convenience



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